New Website Information

Hi there! If you’ve come to this page, then you’re probably looking for more information about our new website and what has changed. This page has a brief overview of the changes from the old website to this website and what we did with old accounts from the previous website.

Account FAQs

What happened to my old account?
We had many inactive and unused accounts therefore we determined not to import old accounts and their associated orders into this new website.  As a side benefit, this is beneficial to you because it reduces your online footprint and removes your personal data from our database.

Do I need an account to checkout like I did on the old website?

Yes and no. Guest checkout is now available so no account is needed to process a typical order. If you need more custom payment methods, such as paying with a check / money order, paying with a purchase order or saving your personal sales tax exemption certificates, you will need an account.

You could also create an account to save your address / payment information for easier checkout in the future.

New Website Features

  • Responsive theme :: Use our website on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer with ease.
  • New E-Commerce Features
    • Guest checkout now available – no accounts are needed to make a purchase
    • Category / tag-based product filtering
    • Enhanced product search
    • Individual units as products – instead of having one product with a giant list we have now separated all units into separate products
    • Builders now have more options to customize hardware
  • New Security Features
    • Two-Factor Authentication (via email) will be implemented for all customer accounts by default. We’re looking into adding token-based 2FA in the future.
    • Software-based firewall to automatically block malicious bots, hackers and spammers to protect your accounts

  • New military builders
    • Colors Builders
      • Regiment colors builder (new) – same as the Battalion colors builder
      • Division colors builder (new) – we’ve separated the units that are identified as divisions into this specific builder
      • Corps colors builder (new) – we’ve separated the units that are identified as corps into this specific builder
      • Field Army colors builder (new) – we’ve separated the units that are identified as field armies (a.k.a. Army service component commands) into this specific builder
      • Other colors builder (new) – to avoid confusion we have added a separate builder for units / organizations that don’t fall within normal military unit designations
    • Guidons
    • Other Builders
      • Awards Streamer Builder (new) – customize and purchase streamers to be displayed with guidons (note – these aren’t battle streamers)

We hope that you like our new and improved website and find it more useful than our previous website. Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us.