All Things Embroidered Shipping Information

The following shipping options will be available to you when you complete your order.
Some options may not be displayed based on your shipping address.
Shipping Method / Carrier & Available Options Tracking Service Link
In-Store Pickup

Only available to customers in Oklahoma.
Customers will be notified when their order will be available for pick up.
Tracking not available
United States Postal Service (USPS) ®

Domestic Options:
First-Class Mail ®, Parcel Post ®, Priority Mail ®, Express Mail ®
International Options:
Global Express ®, Priority Mail ®, Express Mail ®, First-Class Mail Package ®
USPS Package Tracking

Where is my order?

We will include the tracking number, if available, when we update your order to the "SHIPPED" status. We are not responsible for the tracking results displayed by the carriers we utilize to ship your products nor are we responsible for the availability of said services.

If available, tracking numbers will be stored and displayed under you account order history, which can be referenced by going to My Orders. From this page, select the appropriate order ID associated with the order you want to track. The tracking number (if available) will be displayed under the Order Status section of that particular order.

Shipping Times

Shipping times vary according to the courier that you select. Delivery dates displayed on our website are for reference only and do not include processing / production (for customized products) time which is detailed in the table below:

Product Type Estimated Processing Time
Non-Custom Products 7-10 days processing
Customized Products 14 - 28 days processing
Time varies accordingly with the quantity / complexity of the order

Shipping Recommendations

Because our website allows for multiple addresses to be stored under your customer account, it is recommended that you add your work address for use as a delivery address. There are many benefits to using your work address as a delivery address to include:
  • Convenience: You will be able to receive your item(s) as most companies will accept the delivery for you.
  • Safety & Security: Packages will not be left unattended outside of your home where they could be damaged or stolen.
  • Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Efficient: Just about every company has items delivered on a regular basis and by shipping to your office location you will save the courier companies time and money (fuel expenses) by consolidating their delivery efforts.
The only downside to this method is that there may be specific rules / policies in place not to receive personal items from shipping companies. Be sure to check with your management before shipping your items to your place of work.

Damage during transit

All Things Embroidered is not responsbile for reimbursement of item(s) that are damaged during transit. We take appropriate measures to ensure that the product(s) we ship to you are properly packaged, secured and protected before sending them to you.